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What’s The Deal With Antioxidants?

Our bodies are constantly running a bunch of biochemical reactions that make us work. We’re converting food to energy using oxygen, converting electrochemical impulses to senses through your nerves, converting excess energy to fat, converting proteins to amino acids back to different proteins. Our bodies are magnificent! With all this metabolic activity taking place, there is bound to be some sort of waste materials our bodies need to get rid of. Most of our metabolic waste is removed through our urine, but there is one type of waste product from all these chemical reactions that does not just flow out of us. Some of our metabolic reactions produce waste molecules called oxidants or free radicals. Continue reading What’s The Deal With Antioxidants?


Aspects of Health We Often Forget:

 An introduction to the biopsychosocial approach

Many people seem to think and act like health begins and ends with the body. For a long time that is how scientists thought about health as well. However, before modern medicine, there were philosophies of health that incorporated more than just the physical. For some cultures the connection among health and wellbeing, the mind, body and even society has long been recognized. Continue reading Aspects of Health We Often Forget:

Thinking Differently About “Diet”

When I say diet vs. when other people say diet.

In the field of Nutrition, the word “diet” means something different from what it means to the average person, and I think this is a major source of confusion. When I say “diet” I am referring to all and any foods you consume, everything that goes into your body through your mouth really. When people hear “diet” they think the word refers to a specific Continue reading Thinking Differently About “Diet”

Minerally Speaking

Usually, when you hear “vitamins”, the word “minerals” follows closely behind. That’s because they’re both necessary nutrients your body needs to function well which are tiny, and often overlooked. Minerals, like vitamins, are found in a wide variety of foods. They are even smaller than vitamins and in the world of fitness are often referred to as “electrolytes”. Continue reading Minerally Speaking

Proteins In A Nutshell

If our bodies were a city, proteins would be the bricks used to build it. That’s the analogy I often use. It’s an oversimplification but it works to establish the importance of this nutrient. One of proteins’ many functions are as the building blocks of the body. They are the main component of Continue reading Proteins In A Nutshell

All About Those Carbs

Carbohydrates are molecules made up of sugars. So let’s start there. Sugars are substances that often taste sweet in their simplest forms and our bodies use them as fuel to make energy. Without energy we can’t move, our muscles won’t work, our brains won’t work and our organs cannot function. So we need Continue reading All About Those Carbs