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How Stress Breaks Us Down

Stress is real and has real consequences on our health. Yes, everyone knows stress can feel bad, but when we remain in stressful situations we do not always have a clear idea about what chronic stress is doing to our bodies. Stress literally can be killing us. It is easy to place stress in the mental health category, and mental health is important and too easily neglected. Stress also affects physical health, literally breaking down your body until you develop illness. Here’s how it works. Continue reading How Stress Breaks Us Down


The Importance Mental Health and Justice for POC

Mental health and mental illness is not a topic easily broached in communities of color, and from my experience, in Black families. Black women are expected to be strong, Black men are supposed to be hyper-masculine and tough. Struggling with mental illness is treated as a form of weakness that does not fit these expectations; a source of shame and secrecy rather than a real issue of health that needs to be addressed. Furthermore, mental illness, when experienced by POC, is systemically criminalized rather than treated. Just these two factors Continue reading The Importance Mental Health and Justice for POC