Nutrition Basics: Variety, Moderation, Balance

There is so much “Nutrition” information out there in the media, on the interwebs, and practically everywhere you look. It can be really overwhelming. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of wrong or misunderstood information and many useless and sometimes harmful Continue reading Nutrition Basics: Variety, Moderation, Balance


Addressing 5 Race “Misunderstandings”

Trigger warning: if you suffer from white fragility this is going to hurt. Please feel free to step outside for this one. Google “white fragility.”

  1. White Friend or White Ally?

White people, wanting to be Black, identifying with your Black friends and what you stereotype as “Black culture”, speaking AAVE (African American Vernacular English), enjoying hanging with Black people and often being the only white person in the room, having your friends call you their vanilla chocolate or white chocolate friend DOES NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT make you an “ally.” Continue reading Addressing 5 Race “Misunderstandings”

Introducing “Health Talk”

Introducing “Health Talk”

A major but highly neglected aspect in the art of thriving while Black is taking care of our health. Black health in America is complicated. Health disparities are a major issue and despite the US government saying it’s a priority for the past 10 years these disparities, rather than being eliminated have either changed very little or worsened over time. Continue reading Introducing “Health Talk”

Self-Actualization and Social Justice

My first Psychology class changed my life because I learned about self-actualization which transformed the way I view social justice. According to Abraham Maslow self-actualization is “the inborn drive to develop all one’s talents and capacities. It involves understanding one’s own potential, accepting oneself and others as unique individuals, and taking a problem-centered approach to life situations.” Imagine Continue reading Self-Actualization and Social Justice

Your Privilege is Showing

Tell a white person about their white privilege, and more often than not they get defensive. Tell a person of color they have privilege and many times you’ll get a list of their suffering and mistreatment. Privilege has become a bad word and no one wants to be accused of having it. But we all have it. Continue reading Your Privilege is Showing

Introduction: Hi! This is Me.

My name is Kelene Blake and I have opinions, experiences, knowledge and a penchant for writing. I am in grad school and have had a few valuable insights during this process. One is that I will never stop writing. I have been juggling my academic pursuits with performing and slamming my poetry and have recognized that I will not be happy if I’m not writing for me (well, writing things other than research papers). I have also recognized that I need to mold my own space in this world. Continue reading Introduction: Hi! This is Me.