The Importance Mental Health and Justice for POC

Mental health and mental illness is not a topic easily broached in communities of color, and from my experience, in Black families. Black women are expected to be strong, Black men are supposed to be hyper-masculine and tough. Struggling with mental illness is treated as a form of weakness that does not fit these expectations; a source of shame and secrecy rather than a real issue of health that needs to be addressed. Furthermore, mental illness, when experienced by POC, is systemically criminalized rather than treated. Just these two factors Continue reading The Importance Mental Health and Justice for POC


The Complications of “Black” Identity

“Black” is a loaded word. It has come to be associated with such negatives as death and mourning (wearing black to funerals), rejection (black sheep), being tarnished (black spot on one’s record). It has also come to be associated with a racial category – those who appear to have ancestry or distinctive phenotypes (physical features/appearance) of the African diaspora. Black, is a loaded word. Being considered a Black person, is a loaded experience. There is so much context – history, present, ideas, and stereotypes – associated with being Black. Continue reading The Complications of “Black” Identity

Aspects of Health We Often Forget:

 An introduction to the biopsychosocial approach

Many people seem to think and act like health begins and ends with the body. For a long time that is how scientists thought about health as well. However, before modern medicine, there were philosophies of health that incorporated more than just the physical. For some cultures the connection among health and wellbeing, the mind, body and even society has long been recognized. Continue reading Aspects of Health We Often Forget:

10 Ways to Support Artists (& 2 Ways Not To)

Being a professional artist (trying to make a living from your art), takes courage. Especially for people of color and those who do not have a social or financial safety net, art can be risky business. One challenge of trying to make a living as an artist is one simultaneously has to become an entrepreneur – and entrepreneurship is not easy. Artists may be creative and talented, but may not always have Continue reading 10 Ways to Support Artists (& 2 Ways Not To)

Thinking Differently About “Diet”

When I say diet vs. when other people say diet.

In the field of Nutrition, the word “diet” means something different from what it means to the average person, and I think this is a major source of confusion. When I say “diet” I am referring to all and any foods you consume, everything that goes into your body through your mouth really. When people hear “diet” they think the word refers to a specific Continue reading Thinking Differently About “Diet”

Respectability Politics: The Overseers Speak

9 tenets of Respectability Politics

1. We are Black. We probably know white supremacy is a force pushing against us and our success in this world. We are in a system that is not made for us. We will work the system to achieve our success even as it leaves millions of our less fortunate brethren struggling. Our intentions are Continue reading Respectability Politics: The Overseers Speak

All About Fiber

Fiber is often treated as a throw away nutrient. It’s so confusing because even the scientists who categorize nutrients cannot decide if to give it it’s own nutrient category or if it belongs under another nutrient. I was lucky because my mother respected and understood fiber. She would say fiber is like a broom that sweeps out the insides of your digestive system. Continue reading All About Fiber

Water – Pure Perfection

People probably don’t realize water is a whole nutrient by itself. It’s that important. Most of our body is made up of water, our blood is mostly water and it is used to transport important nutrients, enzymes, hormones, minerals, blood cells, oxygen, carbon dioxide and waste products around the body. Urine (pee) is mostly water and is used to remove dangerous metabolic waste products from the body. Every cell in our bodies (we have several million of them) is essentially tiny bags of water in which all the chemical reactions Continue reading Water – Pure Perfection

White Privilege Says: Cookies

Trigger warning: if you suffer from white fragility this is going to hurt. Please feel free to step outside for this one. Your feelings are not safe here.


I’m starting a new series called “White Privilege Says” because I’ve been having to deal with it and maybe explaining some things very clearly in a way that can be referred to as needed might be helpful and save time. Continue reading White Privilege Says: Cookies