Beyond BMI and Bathroom Scales

Measuring your weight on a scale, and using BMI as your marker of health can give false information if you do not know how to interpret it – an most people do not know how to interpret it. In order to really understand how little useful information BMI and scales give, you need to understand body composition. Continue reading Beyond BMI and Bathroom Scales


What’s The Deal With Antioxidants?

Our bodies are constantly running a bunch of biochemical reactions that make us work. We’re converting food to energy using oxygen, converting electrochemical impulses to senses through your nerves, converting excess energy to fat, converting proteins to amino acids back to different proteins. Our bodies are magnificent! With all this metabolic activity taking place, there is bound to be some sort of waste materials our bodies need to get rid of. Most of our metabolic waste is removed through our urine, but there is one type of waste product from all these chemical reactions that does not just flow out of us. Some of our metabolic reactions produce waste molecules called oxidants or free radicals. Continue reading What’s The Deal With Antioxidants?

Expecting Black Artists To Be Activists

If you’re a Black artist, do you need to speak about Black issues? Do you need to make “Black art” or art specifically about Blackness? Some would say we cannot afford to make art just for the sake of art. Some of us expect Black artists, particularly successful and well known Black artists, to “use their platform” and speak out about political issues or social injustice. You hear more criticisms about artists not speaking up about Black Lives Matter than we hear about politicians staying quiet about the same thing. Continue reading Expecting Black Artists To Be Activists

How Stress Breaks Us Down

Stress is real and has real consequences on our health. Yes, everyone knows stress can feel bad, but when we remain in stressful situations we do not always have a clear idea about what chronic stress is doing to our bodies. Stress literally can be killing us. It is easy to place stress in the mental health category, and mental health is important and too easily neglected. Stress also affects physical health, literally breaking down your body until you develop illness. Here’s how it works. Continue reading How Stress Breaks Us Down

Emotional Abuse in Academia

Academia can be a wonderful experience of learning and growth for some. However, for too many, it is an experience that leaves them damaged. Academic environments, much like relationships, can be toxic to those who are vulnerable, who do not know how to (or realize they have to) set boundaries, and do not have a support system that understands what they are going through. Emotional abuse is not uncommon in higher ed. institutions. Professors and advisers can be manipulative, abusive and sometimes bully their students with little to no recourse for those on the receiving end. Continue reading Emotional Abuse in Academia

Dimensions of Health: Finding your own version of “Healthy”

What do you think of when you say “healthy”? Do you think of a certain body type, a certain physical size? Do you think of salads as the only type of food that can be described as healthy? Do you think in order to be healthy you must be free of any illness? If your healthy brings to mind the imagery or stereotypes that have been sold to you by an industry, then it may be time to rethink “healthy.” Continue reading Dimensions of Health: Finding your own version of “Healthy”

Representation Matters

Tonight people everywhere were watching the Golden Globe awards. The film world rewards its storytellers in glitz and glamor. But what about those who do not even get to enter the room, much less sit at the table (or stand at the podium)? I have spoken in the past about the necessity for Black people/African diaspora to have our own media. The fact is, Black people/African diaspora, as well as many other underrepresented groups in mainstream media, do have our own media – we have filmmakers making films all over the world. We have storytellers telling stories everywhere. We have vibrant and growing film industries in developing nations around the world. Continue reading Representation Matters

5 Tips For A Healthier 2016

The year is still new and people are making decisions about what they want to do differently in 2016. Although resolutions are notorious for being fickle and short-lived, there is nothing wrong with using an established transition period (like the start of a new calendar year) to signal self-improvement. Self-improvement is always a good thing to start today, whether today is the 1st of January or the 30th of November. For those who have chosen this time to make a commitment to better health, I want to give a few tips that can improve the chances of success and longevity of such a commitment. Continue reading 5 Tips For A Healthier 2016

5 Things I’ve Learned In 2015

1. Abuse Can Come From Anywhere

This year I experienced quite a bit of emotionally abusive and toxic behavior from unexpected sources. When I found myself recognizing emotional abuse in a professional environment, and controlling behavior from someone have known all my life I learned that abusive relationships are not only romantic. You find it in professional settings, academic environments, Continue reading 5 Things I’ve Learned In 2015